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Gleee tonight ;)

Yay! I can't wait to see the new episode! This whole season has been amazing! I have cried, laugh and dance and sang! Hah I can't believe it's the finale. I remember being at home for the pilot and crying at the end and then crying when they sang somebody to love! Glee is one show that I will never stop watching!

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<GLEEE> The Cast<3

Things that I didnt tell you... until now

Cheerleading has been going good. I made the JV team if anyone didnt know. Its good. I learned some stunting and it rocks. I am on the OTH marathon thing right now. That is all I can watch. haha

I got a new layout. Tell me what you think. I am still working on it. But I am on the Naley thing right now.

I am going to be on tomorrow and I am going to post some pictures from the Elliott Yamin concert with Josh Hoge.

Landing in Hollywood

Shia LaBeouf, the precocious star of Transformers and Disturbia, is poised for major fame: he will play Indiana Jones's son in the upcoming fourth installment of that series. Here is exclusive footage from LaBeouf's cover shoot with photographer Mark Seliger.

My new love right here. I cant wait to see Transformers ;D

Shia LaBeouf!!!

Video here- Here's exclusive footage from his cover shoot for the August issue.

<GLEEE> The Cast<3

Heroes Picture

I was looking on google or something about Heroes and I found this picture. How cute is it??

I love how Masi Oka says Hayden. So cute :D His face just makes me laugh. What is so funny, I just watched Bring it On: All or Nothing. Lol. I love that movie. Well I didnt go to the band thing. My mom told me not to. I was sorta sad, but oh well. Its over. I am going to lay down and watch some One tree Hill. Talk to ya guys later!!